5 things to do in the Finnish capital city

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2. Helsinki Cathedral

Towering over Market Square is Helsinki Cathedra. Taking 22 years to complete between 1830 and 1852 its the major landmark in the city. You will find some pretty impressive statues (the biggest zinc statues in the world in fact) and a steep set of stairs modelled on Saint Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg. 

While you are here take a look around Market square too with its array of independent stalls from leather and wood good to spices, fruit and veg. If you love apples then the ones here are MASSIVE!


Kamppi chapel in Helsinki

4. The big wheel (thats what the locals call it)

Otherwise known as the Finnair Skywheel. Its a great spot by the sea to take in all of Helsinki and its landmarks. Whats nice about the experience is the air conditioned cab you find yourself in. What wasn't as nice was the sharing of my cabin with a irritatingly noisy family. Fantastic customer service (as with everywhere in Helsinki to be honest) and its a quick experience as its over in roughly 12 minutes taking you 40 meters into the air (thats 131 feet or 21 of me standing on my shoulders or around 4000 smarties stacked on top of each other) you get the idea.

12 EURO for an adult ticket, 9 for a child (thats up to 11 in age) and toddlers 0-2 are free.

Open daily either until 9 or 10pm (except Sunday which is 7pm) If its a cloudy day then wait and go up once dark.

Shopping district of Helsinki

1. Torni tower

Head to hotel Torni. Its part of the Sokos Hotels group and is right in the centre of the city.

Prior to its renovation in 2005 it previously acted as an air defence base in the Second World War to keep watch for enemy planes. It's now a great place to eat and go to the toilet with its glass walled facilities - the best view for a....toilet break  -  Anywhere in Finland. 

On the way up to the viewing platform and the Ateljee Bar that is situated there you will also find several restaurants from American style bars to Irish themed ones all offering pretty good value grub. To say its small bar is an understatement, squee in each member of s club 7 and you've almost got a full house! 


A trip round Helsinki Cathedral

3. Kamppi Chapel of Silence

With its curved wooden facade the chapel offers a hub of tranquility and peace in a busy district of the city. If you are like me and want somewhere to escape the riff-raff and hustle and bustle of a city then its worth a visit. For fans of modern architecture its also worth a look. Designed by local firm K2S it blends amazingly well into its surroundings despite its odd exterior. A elderly woman outside tried to wrestle a peace band onto my wrist outside, needless to say I lost and was therefore 5 Euros lighter. How relaxing!

Waterside in Helsinki and its wheel attraction

5. Aleksanterinkatu

Aleksanterinkatu Street is probably the most well known in the City. Comprising of a range of independent shops and global brands, coffee houses and the Stockman building. (you cant miss it) So if you are the opposite of me and love to spend your time visiting the local shops and getting your fingers into your purse or wallet then this is the place to head.

Not far from here is where touch technology was born at the nome of MultiTaction. The Finnish based start up create awesome multi-touch screen software and hardware.
A millennials dream! 

enjoy exploring Helsinki and if you don't then just head to Kamppi chapel, shut the door and ignore everyone!

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